About Chakra Balancing Specialist

Chakra Healer has been a chakra healing specialist teaching chakra healing and metaphysics for many years. She had been lucky to work with considerable numbers of people both in America and abroad.

Her work also seems to be Divinely guided and has a knack of finding it’s way to unexpected places in America, Europe and other parts of the world. Individuals of all walks of life in the most improbable places have greatly benefited from working with her.

Chakra Healer America is always informal, friendly, down to earth and humorous, to which she attributes her “secret to success”. She meets her clients and students where they are and uplifts and helps facilitate their healing from there. For this reason she appeals to thousands who would not have taken the initiative to learn about and experience chakra healing through more conservative and methodical means.

She herself is very spiritual although, you probably wouldn’t know when in her presence. Her casual, witty sense of humor and loving, light hearted treatment of her clients and students allows them to easily relate to her.

Make Chakra Balancing & Healing Fun

Having fun and feeling good while learning and healing from and situation or illness makes all the difference in the world. The dogmatic, repressive, academic approach is not her style. Chakra Healer teaches through familiar, practical, everyday examples that are easy to relate to.

She reminding her clients and students that words don’t teach. Experiences teach. The words listened to, read and taught have to be applied and practiced daily until they become second nature. One often times must release old habits and thought patterns to achieve their desired result/s. We are not a once size fits all and she intuitively knows where to focus.

Healing always comes from within us. The healer assists in facilitating the healing by guiding us withing and reminding us of our power and how to use it for to achieve our desired result. She is amazing at helping identify your blocks and clearing them. Chakra Healer simplifies everything so that everyone can experience success to whatever degree they choose.

Always remember:

“Nothing is too good to be true.”

“Nothing is too good to happen.”

“Nothing is too good to last.”