Chakra Healing & Balancing for Pets

Your pets are part of you family. We are happy to perform chakra healing and balancing for your pets. Your pets and their well being are just as important as yours.

Your pets are made of energy, frequency and vibration just as you and I. The energy flowing in the body, called Chi, may become blocked or stagnant.  Like humans, animals have chakras and an energy field and benefit from a healing, balancing and clearing the chakras to increase positive energy flow.

​When cats and dogs are surrounded by stressful situations (including pain), energetic blockages or diminished movement can occur, causing an imbalance in their energetic body that is reflected in their physical body in a wide range of symptoms.

Just like with you and I balancing your pets chakras can bring positive change to their state of wellness, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Most of us would try almost anything to help our pets feel their best.

  • Treat the root of your pets soul trauma
  • Balance their chakras with your healing hands
  • Communicate with your pets higher self more effectively
  • Make amends & ask for forgiveness with your spirit pets in heaven
  • Recognize the signs of stress your pet may have taken on from you
  • Trust your intuition to know when your pet is happy or hurting
  • Clear away psychic sludge & auric debris from your pets chakras